Monday, January 14, 2013

"Free" Project

Friday night I stayed home and felt like getting stuff done!  First I finished tearing up all the tile in my closet, pulled up the track from the sliding door and started laying down tile that matched the rest of the bathroom.  I ran out of tile, and the old tiles had lost their stickiness so no pictures now but it's all looking good!  Next I decided to paint my front door!  The inside.   I had leftover paint from the cabinets and from my bedroom wall.  I went with the darker paint from the cabinets.

Awhile ago I also did a "YoungHouseLove" project: I painted my birdbath.  I used leftover paint from my bedroom, so this was another free project!
best picture I have of it right now (and sadly the snow is gone)
What free projects have you done?

Monday, January 7, 2013


I finally have uploaded pictures from my camera to the laptop!  I had to buy a usb drive that has a port for the card from my camera (sim card??)  So without further ado...the kitchen!

I painted the microwave cart as a test subject

I don't think I have a picture of the original hardware, it was a bronzey color.  I sprayed everything silver in the backyard.   goodness I LOVE spray paint :)

 I love my kitchen so much!!!  Everything is styled a bit differently now, for example the microwave is now in the cart under the printer so I have more counter space.  I'm using my bread maker and crock-pot at least once a week so I needed more room; and really I don't use the microwave that often.