Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Part 2

So, um... hi!  I guess the last post ended on Saturday night, when I left the pasta in the park party early to go to sleep.  So, Sunday I woke up early and meet up with my running group before heading to the start line.  Some pictures from waiting in the corrals:

I need to find a  course map, all this pictures were taken in order... but I have no idea when in the race I was (mile one, four? Who knows?)

ooooh, look at that little tiny castle! (it doesn't look that small in person)

The one princess I wanted at the princess half and couldn't find

They character attendant told me his name was Bullseye, it was actually Finn.

The end of the race went through a neighborhood.  I felt great when I finished, my run walk intervals worked great, my inhaler stops worked great, my water/Gatorade ratio worked great (during the race) I stopped for a bagel and hot chocolate on the way back to the hotel, I WISH I had stopped in the parks real quick on my walk back for better photos in costume.  Once I got back to the hotel, I think the massive amount of Gatorade got to me and I spent a couple hours watching Say yes to the dress before heading back out.

photo of my medal in line for soaring!

The green army men band

I spent 30 min. sitting in the waiting area for this, just because I wanted to sit down.  I practically begged them to let me in so I could sit on the floor!

Photos of the banners between the parks:

My favorite ride!

This was a stage show, Mickey and the Magic Map.  It's very cute, I'm glad I got to see it.  And that was the end of my race day!