Monday, September 8, 2014

Bathroom Update!

I've been working on changing the tile in my bathroom for a few months now.  It all started because my toilet cracked and the leak caused the tiles to come up.  So I pulled up all the tile and started putting in the new stuff.  Then I hurt my back and tiling was off, I finally started feeling better this summer, but between work and swim team I didn't have time to finish.  Last week I finally got all the tile down and was able to put in a new working toilet!

You can see from this photo that the tile I choose in rectangular instead of square like most stick down tile I was familiar with.  If was pretty easy to work with, would have been easier if I had read and followed the directions to start against a wall and not in the middle of the room!

Once I finished the sink/closet area I moved in the toilet/shower area.  The area around the toilet is a bit of a hodge podge of tile, I was trying to conserve because you have to buy them by the box.

After getting in all the tile it was time for the toilet!  I've never installed a toilet before so I watched a lot of online videos before putting it in, it turned out to be pretty easy.  I wanted to install a dual flush, but after measuring I could only put in a round toilet and the round dual flush toilets were really expensive.  I decided on a inexpensive round toilet with the intention to install a dual flush later.  After using the toilet for a week I've decided that may not be necessary as the toilet uses very little water to begin with.

And here it is all installed!  I'm so happy with it. 
Other bathroom updates are the two gold curtains I added to the openings.  I love the way the gold looks with my grey bedroom. They previously were downstairs in my living room.  My mom found the tie backs at her house and let me have them.
I also had to move the cat box upstairs so I added a curtain to give them privacy.  This curtain almost matches the color on the other side of my bedroom which is nice.  Before hanging here it previously covered my laundry in my apartment and the bathroom before I moved the gold curtains.

Some day I would love to redo my bathroom completely- move walls to create a bigger shower, add another sink, put in real tile.  But until then I'm over the moon with my DIY bathroom makeover :)