Monday, January 6, 2014


Last time I talked about my running costumes I showed you what I have so far of my Jessie costume.  All I had left was to buy some shorts (for under the skirt) and to make a shirt.
I started with a wicking golf shirt.  Because Jessie has a collar, I really wanted a collared shirt.  I've never run in a collared shirt before so I hope this doesn't end badly...
If you look closely you can see a pencil outline for the yellow part.  That is free handed, I started at that seam and made sure I meet in the middle.  I then tried it on to make sure everything looked right.  The pencil starts at my arm pit, which is where it starts on the character.

I took the arm sleeve with me to the store to find paint.  I also bought a red pen so I can do the embroidery Jessie has on her top.

The paint ended up being too light for me, so I decided to get a darker color and just lightly paint over the top again. 
I used a red pen to draw on the shirt (mom did the fancy bit).  And mom made some buttons for me, out of some light weight craft product (I have no idea what it is...)

Last step--the hat!  I bought a cowgirl had but it ended up being too small, so I went with the visor and some parachute cord.  I found the cord at Michaels, apparently people use it to make bracelets?

I then use a nail to make holes at even intervals around the brim, then drilled through to make the holes bigger.  Next I treaded the cord through the holes and hot glued the ends.

And there you have it!
You may notice that I plan on running in a denim skirt.  Yes I'm still quite sane.  I will have running shorts under, the shorts are longer than the skirt, and I do plan on applying a precautionary layer of body glide.  I'm actually more worried about the shirt chafing than the skirt.  The skirt is really short, I don't wear it in real life because of it's lack of length!
Next week I'm going to Disney!!!