Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly Update 10/16/13

Last Week Goals:
2- 40 minute weekday runs (wed and Friday)
1- wedding (Saturday)
1- 7 mile run (Sunday)

Buy edging for the front yard
Maybe mulch also?


10/8-10/11 no running, it was raining, Maggie doesn't run in the rain
10/12  5.76 miles, Galloway had me running 4, but I had skipped the 6.5 run the weekend before so I decided to try for 5
10/12 drove 2 hours south for the wedding, had a great time, drove 2 hours north and went to bed :)
17/50 miles in October completed!  (as of 10/16)

I have bought edging for my yard, but I haven't put in in yet.  It comes rolled up so I'm now trying to get the edging flat. The plan is to put in the edging this weekend, adding some mulch, and then putting in some pansies (need some color as everything dies for the winter).

Here are some pics from the week:

It may have rained for a week, but the yard was pretty!

YES!!!! new arm sleeves, in galaxy fabric :)

On the way home from the wedding, the view from the other side of the car was the same

That is a happy dog!

Pretty purple flowers coming up!
Next Week Goals:
2 40+ min. runs (Tuesday, Thursday)
1 long run, 8 miles (Saturday)
make the front yard pretty
talk to my neighbor about the fence his fence that is pulling down mine...sigh
What are you up to this week?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Goals :)

My big goal for October is to run a total of 50 miles. My other goals are to get my front yard looking decent, and to find and start some sort of exercise program.  I could use my Wii fit, but I seem to stick with groups better, we'll see!

Last week:
10/01 3.57 miles
10/3 3.55 miles
10/5 no miles :( I watched gymnastics live in the morning and then it got too hot
10/6 no miles, gymnastics watching again and then a baby shower. I did buy a new fish on my way home from the shower...

And here is some House work I've been up to:


Painted and organized the hall closet grey (yep the same grey from the bedroom and dining room).  Towards the back I have my other season coats hanging, my boots are up top, and my gardening bucket is on the floor.  Visible from the foyer are my in season coats and shoes, in the bucket up top are all my drawstring bags and backpacks.  The pink hanging shelf has my hats, gloves, and scarfs; I need to find something else to keep those.

Hung up this peacock embroidered art in the dining room.  I also have another picture to hang in the bedroom, but it doesn't have hanging hardware.

My plans for this week:

2- 40 minute weekday runs (wed and Friday)
1- wedding (Saturday)
1- 7 mile run (Sunday)

Buy edging for the front yard
Maybe mulch also?