Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here it is!

Here are some pictures of the house!  The camera I think is on it's last legs and it's a water camera that doesn't take great land pictures; a new camera is on the list but so are other more important things...

Fron yard-I have so many great plants out front!  On the right side are roses and a butterfly bush.  We've seen lots of birds, butterflys, and even a hummingbird.

The dining room in the front- it will also be used as a sewing room, no major plans here

looking down the hall towards the family room

I love the mirror in the hall bath!  I will probably paint it and also replace the towel bar 

looking through the laundry room to the kitchen

The bifold doors are gone now, there was the one you see here and another next to it and then a third blocking the enterance from the hall to the laundry room.Sure it blocks the view of the laudry room, but they were also really hard to walk around when open.

Kitchen- I really really like the tile in the kitchen, I do not like the cabinets.  The plan is to paint the bottom cabinets a blue/greenish color and the uppers white or grey.  I would also in a few years like to take out part of that bare wall and add a lower cabinets and a counter there.

The living room, with a wonderful backyard view, the wall paper is coming down in the near future.  In a few years I want to open up the wall between the kitchen the and the living room.  I put some shelves up over the mirrors and they look a lot better, and the cats like sitting on the shelves and looking at themselves!

Two goldfish live here...

And that's the downstairs!  I'll post upstairs another day.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I got a house!  I've been avoiding posting anything about it because I was afraid that of something falling through.  But I signed the papers 3 days ago, and it's all mine!!!

As soon as I figure out where my camera and camera cord are packed I will post pictures.  It's a three bedroom, two and half bath townhouse.  It was built in 1976 and as far as we can tell has only been owned by one other person.  The previous owner bought it when she was my age!

I have a lot of work to do to make this place my style.  A few things that stand out: a wall of mirrors with adjustable shelving and an outdoor pond with two goldfish. Both are staying, I mean really how often can you say your pet goldfish conveyed with house, but they need an update.

It's going to take me a few days to get everything unpacked and then I can start looking at paint colors (and wallpaper remover...)!