Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I just got back from my last run of the year!

 My December: 54.24 total miles :)
And my year: 579.78 miles!!  (I'm half tempted to go out for a quick run around the parking lot to get to 580!)  And look at my 2013 compared to other years...WOW  I thought I was slacking this year, but I guess not!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the year:
I ran the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in February
I also ran the Rock n Roll half in March, but not photos....

Awww itsn't Wimsey a cutie...

Mom and I did a virtual 5k together (can't remember the month...)

Mom and I did the We've Got Your Back 5k in May
We also did the Twilight Festival 4 mile in June

In July I had friends over for dinner for the first time ever

Friends of the WO&D 10k on my birthday (July)
In August I did the South Lakes 10k
I did the Dulles Days 5k in September (see me over there in the blue?)

The Perfect 10k in September
and the Run for the Parks 10k in November!

pretty kitties

poor Gussie puts up with so much (Gussie is my mom's dog)

I ran in the snow! (twice!)
and...I ran in the snow in Ohio!

I built a 3-D puzzle (and discovered how much fun it is!)

Gussie and I taking a walk in December

Happy New Year!!!
I plan to start my new year with a run (I plan to end it with a Disney movie marathon and Cherry Pepsi) how will you be starting the new year?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow running and DIY

It's snowing here!!!  (well it was...)  Monday worked started 2 hours late, but that's my normal start time so no benefit to me; today work was cancelled...but it was my day off anyway for working Saturday.  Sunday and today I got to run in the snow.  Running in the snow is so much better than running in the cold!



The other day my friend pinned a graduation tassel ornament on Facebook.  Today at JoAnne's I saw clear plastic ornaments and made some: 


H.S. graduation

College graduation
Aren't they cute?  They were really easy to make also.  I did cut a slit in the cap to slid the string from the top of the tassel through.  It was hard to get the horizontal year through the top of the ornament, but that was the only trouble I had.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Running in Character

I have nothing to write about right now...so how about the evolution of my race costumes?

My first half marathon was the 2010 Princess 1/2 Marathon.  My favorite princess is Ariel, mostly because she swims and is a redhead.  I wanted to be Ariel, but not run in costume, so I decided on running clothes inspired by the mermaid. 

Green skirt to represent the tail, purple tank for the shell and I glued a tiara from the Disney store to my visor.  (I had to add the legging because it was freeeezzzing)
In 2011 I did the Princess 1/2 again (and the Disneyland 1/2 but I went with boring running clothes for that)  I wanted to dress as Ariel again, but this time in her town dress.
For this one I made the bow and cut the straps of a black tank to make the corset look.  Added with a blue top and darker skirt and you have town Ariel.
Princess 1/2 2013 I made the costume!  Yep made it (mostly).  I used 2 shirts from target in my desired color, a target skirt in an undesired color, and some gold fabric.  The hair is once again all mine :) Mom helped me out a lot with making this one, basically she pinned the pieces together (no pattern btw) and I sewed. Mom also sewed on all the trim pieces for me by hand.  (Isn't she wonderful?)
And for Tinkerbell 2014?  Nope not a fairy...It's everyone's favorite cowgirl:
I custom ordered the arm sleeves and calf sleeves.  I have a sleeveless collared shirt that I will be painting the top of to look like Jessie's shirt and I will be wearing running shorts under that denim skirt :) I'm also getting a red visor to wear.  I cut my long hair off in May (to donate), I'm hoping I have enough to put a braid.
Show me your race costumes! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Let's call it interesting...

So It's been an interesting weekend....

Things started out tame enough, Saturday I worked a half day (which gets me all day Tuesday off!).  My best friend came in with her daughter while doing some errands.  Her daughter ran straight to my office and gave me a big hug!  I was so surprised, she is usually so shy (and I respect that being the same way!). 

I had planned to get a short run in after work but the weather was so icky I decided to go to Wal-Mart instead.  Wal-Mart is really crowded on Saturday afternoons, remind me not to do that again...

Sunday....I knew I had to get my long run in so I turned down Dad's offer to go to Prince William Forest to run.  That is more due to the fact that every time we go there I get car sick, very very car sick.  I should have gone.

At mile four I was on a small path that goes between soccer fields and the library parking lot, through a small section of woods.  There were two ladies and their three dogs on the path, they moved over and pulled in the leashes.  I stupidly keep running down the path.  I know to walk past dogs, and in every other situation like this have.  By the time I realized the one dog (a large black lab) was lunging and slowed to a walk my had was already in the dogs mouth.

Now I don't believe this was aggressive at all, and if the dog was dangerous the owner would have known to keep a stronger hold on the dog.  So please don't take this as an anti-dog post.  I'm more to blame than the dog.  I learned a lesson today, please you do the same.

I told the ladies I was ok, and there wasn't any broken skin so I thought I was.  It wasn't until I called my mom to come get me that I lost my cool.  I did go to the urgent care to get checked out, luckily there don't seem to be any broken bones. My had feels sore, but a lot better than it did this morning.

So no long run this weekend, but I have Tuesday off!  Also I don't think my ab workouts are going to happen for a few days....

Speaking of workouts:

39.09 miles so far this month!  The 3rd is a 10k race and an orienteering yellow course. The 9th was a course my dad made for me, cut short when I started hearing gun shots (from miles away at the marine base) and freaked myself out. The 10th is a yellow course and then a relay leg. The rest of the runs are on the road.

And that's the news...

Friday, November 15, 2013

New Fence!

I got a new fence!   (um...2 weeks ago...)
I had the gate move to the middle, and now the yard look a lot bigger.  The yard is still a mess from the construction though, maybe I'll work on that this weekend.

This is what it used to look like:

Sunday, November 3, 2013


So October ended badly for me.  I had a goal to run 50 miles in the month, it was a long month so I was positive I could complete my goal.  I would have too…if I had run the last 2 weeks.  I ended up with 35 miles. Time to reset and start over…

I have new goals for November, no mileage goal instead it just to get out there and move.  I will be running 3-4 times a week, on my non-running days I’m going to try to get 1-2 miles of walking in after work (with my headlamp, now that’s it’s dark before I leave work).  I’ve also started Juillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack video.  Now I have no intentions of trying to get myself a 6-pack; I just want a stronger core. I’ve done 2 days and MAN can I feel it! I plan on doing 2 days of the video and then a day off.

I had a great weekend.  I started running after my “break” with 5 miles on Saturday around the neighborhood.  The weather was great, which really helped.  I also saw a hawk on the trail, just snuck up on him

Sunday I decided to do 2 races (extra hour and all…).  First up: Run for the Parks 10k in DC with Mom.  No PR for me, but I had a great run.  I’ve been trying to run for longer periods of time (ultimate goal is to run a 5k without walk breaks).  I ran the 1st mile, ran/walk 1-2, ran 2-3, ran/walk 3-5, and ran 5-6.2.  I had some trouble with my calf the first half of the race (huge knot) and with my foot the last half (poorly placed tape pinching my pinky toe).  Overall I’m very happy with the race. 

After getting home from the 10k I headed out with Dad for an orienteering meet.  The race was about 30 min. away which allowed me to do both races.  If I hadn’t run the 10k I would have tried an orange course, but my legs were started to feel sore so I stuck to the shorter yellow.  The race was unusual as it wasn’t in the forest but at a horse farm.  The fields were open and you could see almost every feature (and controls) from far off.  I posted my fastest yellow time which made me happy.  I didn’t make any mistakes, which made me happier. 

Last weekend I made a fairly significant mistake on the course that cost me about 18 min. (the competitive side of me is also irritated that it cost me 1st place, I dropped to 7th, I’m trying to keep that side of me at bay by reminding it that I am still learning this sport) I was able to learn from the mistake though. Dad and I walked part of the course after the race, my errors originated from being tired and from missing an obvious map feature that would have told me I missed my control. Dad also told me to "bird watch" while running; meaning I should be scanning in front on the side AND behind me as I run, if I had done that I would have seen the control.  He also said to check every control I pass, even if I'm sure it isn't mine. I have a problem judging distance so that tip is actually really good for me, since the control usually is mine!  I almost made a mistake this weekend, but I took another look at the map features and realized my error before it cost me any time.  I call that a win! 

I’m really looking forward to next weekend!  Sunday Dad and I are going up to Pennsylvania to run in the Mid-Atlantic Championships.  My goals for that race: 1-finish, 2-match map features to terrain, 3-have fun!

Have a great week!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekly Update 10/16/13

Last Week Goals:
2- 40 minute weekday runs (wed and Friday)
1- wedding (Saturday)
1- 7 mile run (Sunday)

Buy edging for the front yard
Maybe mulch also?


10/8-10/11 no running, it was raining, Maggie doesn't run in the rain
10/12  5.76 miles, Galloway had me running 4, but I had skipped the 6.5 run the weekend before so I decided to try for 5
10/12 drove 2 hours south for the wedding, had a great time, drove 2 hours north and went to bed :)
17/50 miles in October completed!  (as of 10/16)

I have bought edging for my yard, but I haven't put in in yet.  It comes rolled up so I'm now trying to get the edging flat. The plan is to put in the edging this weekend, adding some mulch, and then putting in some pansies (need some color as everything dies for the winter).

Here are some pics from the week:

It may have rained for a week, but the yard was pretty!

YES!!!! new arm sleeves, in galaxy fabric :)

On the way home from the wedding, the view from the other side of the car was the same

That is a happy dog!

Pretty purple flowers coming up!
Next Week Goals:
2 40+ min. runs (Tuesday, Thursday)
1 long run, 8 miles (Saturday)
make the front yard pretty
talk to my neighbor about the fence his fence that is pulling down mine...sigh
What are you up to this week?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Goals :)

My big goal for October is to run a total of 50 miles. My other goals are to get my front yard looking decent, and to find and start some sort of exercise program.  I could use my Wii fit, but I seem to stick with groups better, we'll see!

Last week:
10/01 3.57 miles
10/3 3.55 miles
10/5 no miles :( I watched gymnastics live in the morning and then it got too hot
10/6 no miles, gymnastics watching again and then a baby shower. I did buy a new fish on my way home from the shower...

And here is some House work I've been up to:


Painted and organized the hall closet grey (yep the same grey from the bedroom and dining room).  Towards the back I have my other season coats hanging, my boots are up top, and my gardening bucket is on the floor.  Visible from the foyer are my in season coats and shoes, in the bucket up top are all my drawstring bags and backpacks.  The pink hanging shelf has my hats, gloves, and scarfs; I need to find something else to keep those.

Hung up this peacock embroidered art in the dining room.  I also have another picture to hang in the bedroom, but it doesn't have hanging hardware.

My plans for this week:

2- 40 minute weekday runs (wed and Friday)
1- wedding (Saturday)
1- 7 mile run (Sunday)

Buy edging for the front yard
Maybe mulch also?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Update

I failed at everything this week....

Running goals for the week:
Run 3x (just Sunday, though I did run 2 courses...), Stretch before/after each run (didn't run, therefore didn't stretch) , Desk stretches at work (ah! one I did do, my shoulders are feeling more flexible everyday!) , 2x at home exercises (I think I've come to the realization that this just isn't going to happen), Run 10 min. straight during one of my weekday runs (nope)
House goals for the week:
Finish up trim in Dining room (nope)
I did do some stuff this week like:
I added an arbor to the front yard! 
I added decorative paper to the shoe shelf in my closet. As you can see the bottom shelf had some damage.  I found the pretty paper at Marshalls for 1.99 a roll, one roll covered a shelf with a little left over.  I still have 3 rolls of pink to use somewhere else.
Yesterday I went orienteering with my dad.  I did a yellow course and a white course.  I made some pretty big mistakes on yellow (like running right past the first control).  I need to stop making stupid mistakes and I need to work on my terrain reading skills before I move up to orange.  I'm having a hard time matching terrain on the map with what's in front of me on the go.  I know when I look at the map what I'm seeing and the same with I look at real life, but for some reason when I'm trying to do both I mess up.  I am getting better though.  I also won one of the drawings and came home with a new water bottle :)
Running goals for the week:
Run 3x, Stretch before/after each run, Desk stretches at work, Run 10 min. straight during one of my weekday runs
House goals for the week:
Do what I can, when I can

Budget goals for the week:  (I've decided I need to get back on track!  I've reserved my hotel and airplane for Disneyland, and now I just can stop making purchases...)

Bring lunch everyday, no purchases (outside of necessary things like food)