Sunday, November 3, 2013


So October ended badly for me.  I had a goal to run 50 miles in the month, it was a long month so I was positive I could complete my goal.  I would have too…if I had run the last 2 weeks.  I ended up with 35 miles. Time to reset and start over…

I have new goals for November, no mileage goal instead it just to get out there and move.  I will be running 3-4 times a week, on my non-running days I’m going to try to get 1-2 miles of walking in after work (with my headlamp, now that’s it’s dark before I leave work).  I’ve also started Juillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack video.  Now I have no intentions of trying to get myself a 6-pack; I just want a stronger core. I’ve done 2 days and MAN can I feel it! I plan on doing 2 days of the video and then a day off.

I had a great weekend.  I started running after my “break” with 5 miles on Saturday around the neighborhood.  The weather was great, which really helped.  I also saw a hawk on the trail, just snuck up on him

Sunday I decided to do 2 races (extra hour and all…).  First up: Run for the Parks 10k in DC with Mom.  No PR for me, but I had a great run.  I’ve been trying to run for longer periods of time (ultimate goal is to run a 5k without walk breaks).  I ran the 1st mile, ran/walk 1-2, ran 2-3, ran/walk 3-5, and ran 5-6.2.  I had some trouble with my calf the first half of the race (huge knot) and with my foot the last half (poorly placed tape pinching my pinky toe).  Overall I’m very happy with the race. 

After getting home from the 10k I headed out with Dad for an orienteering meet.  The race was about 30 min. away which allowed me to do both races.  If I hadn’t run the 10k I would have tried an orange course, but my legs were started to feel sore so I stuck to the shorter yellow.  The race was unusual as it wasn’t in the forest but at a horse farm.  The fields were open and you could see almost every feature (and controls) from far off.  I posted my fastest yellow time which made me happy.  I didn’t make any mistakes, which made me happier. 

Last weekend I made a fairly significant mistake on the course that cost me about 18 min. (the competitive side of me is also irritated that it cost me 1st place, I dropped to 7th, I’m trying to keep that side of me at bay by reminding it that I am still learning this sport) I was able to learn from the mistake though. Dad and I walked part of the course after the race, my errors originated from being tired and from missing an obvious map feature that would have told me I missed my control. Dad also told me to "bird watch" while running; meaning I should be scanning in front on the side AND behind me as I run, if I had done that I would have seen the control.  He also said to check every control I pass, even if I'm sure it isn't mine. I have a problem judging distance so that tip is actually really good for me, since the control usually is mine!  I almost made a mistake this weekend, but I took another look at the map features and realized my error before it cost me any time.  I call that a win! 

I’m really looking forward to next weekend!  Sunday Dad and I are going up to Pennsylvania to run in the Mid-Atlantic Championships.  My goals for that race: 1-finish, 2-match map features to terrain, 3-have fun!

Have a great week!!


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