Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Running in Character

I have nothing to write about right how about the evolution of my race costumes?

My first half marathon was the 2010 Princess 1/2 Marathon.  My favorite princess is Ariel, mostly because she swims and is a redhead.  I wanted to be Ariel, but not run in costume, so I decided on running clothes inspired by the mermaid. 

Green skirt to represent the tail, purple tank for the shell and I glued a tiara from the Disney store to my visor.  (I had to add the legging because it was freeeezzzing)
In 2011 I did the Princess 1/2 again (and the Disneyland 1/2 but I went with boring running clothes for that)  I wanted to dress as Ariel again, but this time in her town dress.
For this one I made the bow and cut the straps of a black tank to make the corset look.  Added with a blue top and darker skirt and you have town Ariel.
Princess 1/2 2013 I made the costume!  Yep made it (mostly).  I used 2 shirts from target in my desired color, a target skirt in an undesired color, and some gold fabric.  The hair is once again all mine :) Mom helped me out a lot with making this one, basically she pinned the pieces together (no pattern btw) and I sewed. Mom also sewed on all the trim pieces for me by hand.  (Isn't she wonderful?)
And for Tinkerbell 2014?  Nope not a fairy...It's everyone's favorite cowgirl:
I custom ordered the arm sleeves and calf sleeves.  I have a sleeveless collared shirt that I will be painting the top of to look like Jessie's shirt and I will be wearing running shorts under that denim skirt :) I'm also getting a red visor to wear.  I cut my long hair off in May (to donate), I'm hoping I have enough to put a braid.
Show me your race costumes! 

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