Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow running and DIY

It's snowing here!!!  (well it was...)  Monday worked started 2 hours late, but that's my normal start time so no benefit to me; today work was cancelled...but it was my day off anyway for working Saturday.  Sunday and today I got to run in the snow.  Running in the snow is so much better than running in the cold!



The other day my friend pinned a graduation tassel ornament on Facebook.  Today at JoAnne's I saw clear plastic ornaments and made some: 


H.S. graduation

College graduation
Aren't they cute?  They were really easy to make also.  I did cut a slit in the cap to slid the string from the top of the tassel through.  It was hard to get the horizontal year through the top of the ornament, but that was the only trouble I had.

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