Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I just got back from my last run of the year!

 My December: 54.24 total miles :)
And my year: 579.78 miles!!  (I'm half tempted to go out for a quick run around the parking lot to get to 580!)  And look at my 2013 compared to other years...WOW  I thought I was slacking this year, but I guess not!
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the year:
I ran the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in February
I also ran the Rock n Roll half in March, but not photos....

Awww itsn't Wimsey a cutie...

Mom and I did a virtual 5k together (can't remember the month...)

Mom and I did the We've Got Your Back 5k in May
We also did the Twilight Festival 4 mile in June

In July I had friends over for dinner for the first time ever

Friends of the WO&D 10k on my birthday (July)
In August I did the South Lakes 10k
I did the Dulles Days 5k in September (see me over there in the blue?)

The Perfect 10k in September
and the Run for the Parks 10k in November!

pretty kitties

poor Gussie puts up with so much (Gussie is my mom's dog)

I ran in the snow! (twice!)
and...I ran in the snow in Ohio!

I built a 3-D puzzle (and discovered how much fun it is!)

Gussie and I taking a walk in December

Happy New Year!!!
I plan to start my new year with a run (I plan to end it with a Disney movie marathon and Cherry Pepsi) how will you be starting the new year?

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