Saturday, April 25, 2015

What I've been up to...


Orienteering:  I've sort of moved up to Brown!  At my last two meets I was able to run the Brown course.  At the first meet, I ran Orange first and then tried out the Brown.  The course was mostly open so I felt confident I could do the course.  As it turned out I did better on Brown than Orange!
At the second meet I just did Brown; before the race I looked up maps from previous Brown courses at that forest to see how hard they were. I felt confident that I could do the race from previous years so I went for it!   At that meet I made one terrible mistake right at the end, but overall I did really well on the course.  I haven't uploaded my route yet, but when I do I will try and post the pictures!

Running: Not going so well....I just can't get up the motivation to go for a run after subbing all day and walking the dog.  I've tried to wake up early and get the run in before leaving for work, but that hasn't happened either...I need to work on this!  I would like to get faster in the woods, which means I need to work on my endurance.

Work:  Still subbing, but I'm taking my last course (before student teaching) this summer!  I took my Science Praxis last week and will receive the score in 3 more weeks.  I'm really hoping I was able to improve my score my the needed 10 points.  (I have a score that will allow me to teach in most states, just not the one I live in...)

House: I haven't done anything really... Oh I did build a raised garden!  I still need to fill it with dirt though. 

Happy Spring!