Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Update

I failed at everything this week....

Running goals for the week:
Run 3x (just Sunday, though I did run 2 courses...), Stretch before/after each run (didn't run, therefore didn't stretch) , Desk stretches at work (ah! one I did do, my shoulders are feeling more flexible everyday!) , 2x at home exercises (I think I've come to the realization that this just isn't going to happen), Run 10 min. straight during one of my weekday runs (nope)
House goals for the week:
Finish up trim in Dining room (nope)
I did do some stuff this week like:
I added an arbor to the front yard! 
I added decorative paper to the shoe shelf in my closet. As you can see the bottom shelf had some damage.  I found the pretty paper at Marshalls for 1.99 a roll, one roll covered a shelf with a little left over.  I still have 3 rolls of pink to use somewhere else.
Yesterday I went orienteering with my dad.  I did a yellow course and a white course.  I made some pretty big mistakes on yellow (like running right past the first control).  I need to stop making stupid mistakes and I need to work on my terrain reading skills before I move up to orange.  I'm having a hard time matching terrain on the map with what's in front of me on the go.  I know when I look at the map what I'm seeing and the same with I look at real life, but for some reason when I'm trying to do both I mess up.  I am getting better though.  I also won one of the drawings and came home with a new water bottle :)
Running goals for the week:
Run 3x, Stretch before/after each run, Desk stretches at work, Run 10 min. straight during one of my weekday runs
House goals for the week:
Do what I can, when I can

Budget goals for the week:  (I've decided I need to get back on track!  I've reserved my hotel and airplane for Disneyland, and now I just can stop making purchases...)

Bring lunch everyday, no purchases (outside of necessary things like food)

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