Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekly update

Running goals for last week:
Run 3x (done actual was 4!), Stretch before/after each run (eh...did some missed others), do desk stretches at work (done, boy have my shoulders gotten tight!) , 2x at home exercises (no, not at all opps)
House goals for last week:
Finish up trim in Dining room (I've painted the trim and will put it up tomorrow), pull weeds in back yard (nope)
I did get new curtains in the mail:
This afternoon I got the arm and calf sleeves I ordered!  Custom made, for the TinkerBell Half in January!!



Saturday was the Dulles Days 5k mom and I signed up for.  Mom wasn't feeling well Friday so decided not to run but still drove me (I love my mom!)  I woke up at 2:30am with an upset stomach and then proceeded to throw up Friday's dinner (too much info?)  I eventually fell back asleep at 3:30 and woke up at 5:45 to get ready.  I was feeling better but I decided to throw out my goal of under 30.  It was cold and crowded.  I ended up with 30:22, not bad for the morning's events.  I decided for my next race I'm starting last so I don't have to worry about crowds as much, you know give the field time to spread out.  (this will not by my strategy for Disney however)
Sunday I went orienteering with my dad after church.  I ran a yellow course in 41 min. and posted the fastest time (leaving out the 2 guys who did yellow as their 2nd course and weren't counted).  Dad wasn't back when I finished (he did blue) so I went out on white and did it in 21 min. White was my second course so the time didn't count. I did really well, I got turned around once on the yellow, but thankfully realized my mistake before it turned into a disaster. White was pretty much the second half of yellow so it was pretty easy for me since I had been everywhere before! I defiantly have lots of room for improvement and I'm still a little uncomfortable navigating too far away from trails (streams will do in a pinch)
I found another 10k to sign up for at the end of September, half the course is the same as the one I did a few weeks ago.  I think I will sign up and try to lower that PR again!  I think I can do it now that I'm getting my runs in more consistently.
Running goals for the week:
Run 3x, Stretch before/after each run, Desk stretches at work, 2x at home exercises, Run 10 min. straight during one of my weekday runs
House goals for the week:
Finish up trim in Dining room


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