Monday, May 27, 2013

Paint samples

I've had fun with paint samples lately.  In the process of choosing a grey for my bedroom walls I ended up with 8 sample jars of grey paint (and the Home Depot paint department crackin' jokes about 50 shades...).

Last week I didn't close the top of my honey fully and ended up with ants all over my pantry; so I cleared everything off and scrubbed it all down. Then I looked at the shelves and realized how dingy they were.  So I pulled out the paint samples and this was the result:

I also made a trip to buy curtain hangers to actually hang the shade up.  Of course I didn't have enough paint to paint the whole pantry, so I'll have to go buy more.
Then I looked over at the laundry side of the pantry and decided to paint there also.  I choose a green paint leftover from painting at my mom's.

Once again, I ran out of paint so I'll have to go buy more.  But that can wait...  I'm so glad I painted in here though, my washer and dryer looked ugly white to me before but now they look bright white and that makes me happy!
I've still got quite a few samples of grey paint left, what else should I paint? What projects have you used leftover paint samples for?

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