Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wow, am I terrible at this blog thing!  I'm really enjoying my house, and have made lots of changes already.  But before we get there lets go back in time and vist the upstairs on the day I closed.

This is my bedroom,with wood paneling!  I love that door, it lets lots of light in during the day.  The ceiling fan was great during the summer.
My bathroom.  The doors straight ahead are for one of the master closets, the doors to the left are for a linen closet. The shower and toliet are to the left.  The counters though are really short, hip height on me (I'm 5'3"ish).
The above refrenced linen closet in my bathroom.
 The two other bedrooms
  The upstairs bathroom, the shower curtain came with the house.
Thats the house!  Next up the changes I've made.

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