Monday, November 12, 2012


So the first thing I did when I moved in was to remove almost all of the bi-fold doors.  The second was to take out a shelf in the laundry room.

Yeah in those photos you can't see the former bi-folds, but they were there I promise!!.  Two were in front of the pantry area and one more where I was standing to take pictures.
Also my cats broke my camera a few years ago, so the before shots were taken with my underwater camera.  It takes wonderful pictures underwater, but not so great above.  I borrowed my mom's camera (really nice) for the after.
My next project was to paint my bedroom, but I only have one wall done right now so I'll share that later! I knew before I moved in that I would be painting my kitchen cabinets.  I just hate wood cabinets.  I figured I would paint them white; but somewhere along the way I thought of blue!  (probably from IKEA and pinterest)  So after a bit of pinterest searching I decided on two-tone cabinets.  Let me tell you I am in LOVE with my kitchen right now.  I mean the counters are ugly and the walls need painting but oh the cabinets....

.....and I forgot that I haven't uploaded pictures yet because my camera isn't connecting to my laptop....stay tuned.
But as you can see I did remove the door on the cabinet over the sink; that made it feel more open.  I also put that cherry tree sticker on the fridge the first day.
I have today off from work so I've got outside projects planned.  I'm spray painting my house numbers and mailbox, from black to silver. And painting my bird bath, an idea I got from the Young House Love book-free and easy! Then the big one...clearing out my front yard!  yikes!
What projects do you tackle on your days off?  or do you relax instead?

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